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Q: Whats the difference between the TWISTED EXTREME and the TWISTED 5V?
A: The 5v is brighter and has a tighter pattern. Every single LED will change.
The Extreme will go in a group of 3 LEDs that change together.

Q:Do you sell springs? Do I need a spring?
A: Yes we now have springs available on our website. You yourself would be the best judge on if you would need a spring. Also depends a lot on where you plan on mounting your whips -- REMEMBER the most flexible part on the whip will be the middle of the whip -- not the base of the whip.

Q: What is ship time like?
A: We try our hardest to make sure if you order before 1pm, that it gets shipped out that same day. We do not ship Saturday. Anything ordered Friday after the cut off time will ship out the following Monday.

Q: Is it safe to run a flag on my whips?
A: DO NOT PUT 3'X5' FLAGS ON OUR WHIPS. Small flags are okay, but putting a HEAVY flag on your whips will break them.

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