Memorial Day sale May 25th - June 1st

FX 5V pairs



Must run to toggle switch or a cut off. Can not be wired DIRECTLY to battery.

2' whips measure - 24"
3' whips measure - 36"
4' whips measure - 48"
  1. Our FX 5V whips are BRIGHTER, TIGHTER PATTERN AND TRUER COLOR than our EXTREME DREAMS. These can NOT be hooked up directly to 12v without the 5V converter (included)
  2. Handheld remote has a RF frequency. Does not need to be close or pointed directly to operate. Control box has roughly 250+ patterns and functions to choose from. For example: STACKING, CHASING, RAINBOW, SOLID OR MULTICOLORED. You can save 16 of your favorite patterns on your remote along with the ability to adjust the speed. You can lock your whips to your control box with the remote so no one else can control it.
  3. Quick disconnect mounts for easy removal. Bolt on installation. This quick disconnect stays attached to the vehicle. You will use the pull pin to remove the whip from the mount.
  4. Six foot y-splitter will go from each whip to one control box, this way both whips will always stay synced to one another.
  5. Very flexible polycarbonate tubing, we have reinforced the middle of our whips for extra durability.
  6. Includes the 5v converter.
  7. Lifetime manufactures warranty through us.


Q: Whats the difference between the TWISTED EXTREME and the TWISTED 5V?
A: The 5v is brighter and has a tighter pattern. Every single LED will change.
The Extreme will go in a group of 3 LEDs that change together.